New School Rules

I would like to inform/remind you about our school rules.  We are focusing on respect for each other, the school and Taekwondo.

Dress Code Rules:

  • Uniforms need to be washed on a weekly basis.
  • They need to be clean and unwrinkled.
  • No sweat pants may be worn underneath pants
  • No long shirts or sweatshirts may be worn underneath the jackets – only t-shirts.
  • White t-shirts of any kind will be required from April 1st.  (We will sell Jae H. Kim Taekwondo Institute t-shirts at a discount for anyone who would like one – instead of $13.00/15.00 they will be $10 until 4/1. Please sign up at the front desk.)
  • Black Belts will be allowed to wear black Jae H. Kim t-shirts.
  • Jae H. Kim t-shirts may also be worn during the Cardio, Strengthening or Teen/Adult Light Sparring classes.
  • No socks on the dojang floor, please.

Waiting Area and Dressing Room Rules:

  • Please sit quietly in the waiting area. If you would like to chat with friends, please speak softly.
  • Small children can sit in the waiting area if they are quiet, otherwise they need to be taken elsewhere as it is very distracting to the students in class.
  • Children cannot remain unattended in the waiting area. If you are not accompanying your child in to the school, they should be dropped off and picked up no more than 10 mins before or 10 mins after class has begun or ended.  There is no supervision in the waiting area.  Children may wait for parents who are taking class.
  • Children are not allowed to play with the attendance computer.  If they do, a stripe will be taken away.
  • NO food is allowed in the waiting area or dressing rooms.
  • All coats should be hung in the dressing rooms.  There are new hooks in the boys dressing room – please use them.
  • All shoes should be put in the shelves – the bin will be used for shoes that are not shelved.
  • All bags should be stored under the bench or in lockers.

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