Promotion Test Information

Promotion Test for Yellow Belt through Red Belt will be on Sunday, March 3rd at 12:00 for both Children and Adults.

If you are not in the Black Belt Program, you will need to submit testing fees by Friday.

Test Preparation this week:

All Children’s classes will focus on Forms, One Steps and Combinations

Tuesday 6:30 Forms, one steps, combinations class is open to everyone

Wednesday 4:00 will be a Practice test, 4:45 will be Test Sparring practice

Wednesday 6:30 class will be a Forms, one steps, combinations class, 7:30 Light Sparring test practice

Thursday 4:45 and 6:30:  Forms Review with Grandmaster Kim,  Black Belt Program members must register on the website to attend.  Click on the post and enter your info in the comment box.

Friday 5:30 class will be a Forms, one steps, combinations class, 6:30 Light Sparring test practice

Saturday:  all classes will be Test Review, 12:00 Light Sparring class will focus on Test Sparring

Sunday Test Day:  The school will be open at 11:00 for practice.  All students should arrive by 11:30 at the latest to register, change and warm up.  Everyone should bring sparring gear LABELLED WITH STUDENTS NAMES.  Unforms – must be clean and unwrinkled, only white t-shirts are allowed underneath the jacket, no sweatpants under the pants please.

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