Dojang Etiquette


Please Do:

  • Bow to your instructor upon entering and leaving the school.
  • Bow to the Banners before entering and leaving the training area.
  • Lineup quickly by belt rank, right to left as you face the flag.
  • Kihab (say “Tae Kwon” or “Hut”)  loudly to show your enthusiasm.
  • Try not to disrupt class (no talking).
  • If you have a question, raise your hand.
  • Pay attention when the instructor pauses the class.
  • Turn away from your instructor if you need to adjust your uniform.
  • Make sure your uniform is complete and clean.
  • Pick up and return equipment quickly.
  • Sit down if you are resting, if possible with your legs crossed.
  • Let your instructor know if you need to leave the class for any reason.
  • Address your instructors as Mr. Kim, Ms. Shim, or Sir.
  • Respond to all questions with “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes Sir”.

Please Don’t:

  • Run in the training area.
  • Talk loudly in the waiting area.
  • Talk loudly in the training area.
  • Hit the punching bags or towers during class.
  • Make unnecessary noise during class.
  • Sit or play on the kicking towers.
  • Hang from the low bar.
  • Lie down in the training area during class.
  • Move if your instructor has asked you to demonstrate, for safety reasons.
  • Throw anything in the school – equipment or sparring gear.

Please Always:

  • Show respect for each other, and higher ranking belts in the way you talk and treat each other.
  • Show respect for your instructors in the way you talk and behave at all times.
  • Show respect for your parents at all times, inside and outside of the dojang.