What some people have to say about our school and how it has benefited them and their children.

Jasmine and Jillian

We started Taekwondo at the age of 5 in 2010 when bullying was a big issue.  Our parents wanted to find a way to have us defend ourselves in case we needed to. We visited many Taekwondo schools before realizing this was the one we wanted to go to. We didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to Ms. Shim’s patience and ability to explain certain moves to two five year olds, we immediately loved the environment and we knew that we wanted to continue. read more…


The Jae H. Kim Taekwon-do (TKD) Institute in Ashland has been a great place to get regular exercise and learn new skills. The instructors are patient, consistent, and knowledgeable. They challenge me in small enough increments that I can frequently celebrate successes, and they continually give me new goals to work on. In the past two years, they have taken me from knowing absolutely nothing about martial arts to being able to practice nine forms, defend myself in sparring against many kicks and punches, and engage with a wide variety of sparring partners. I have grown in confidence and I absolutely love the challenges! read more…


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