Dojang Rules


Dress Code and Personal Hygiene:

  1. Wash uniform weekly, more often if biologically necessary 🙂
  2. Keep uniform clean and unwrinkled.
  3. Please wear white t-shirts underneath jacket – sweat pants underneath or socks are not recommended.
  4. Black Belts may wear black Jae H. Kim shirts under jackets.
  5. Jae H. Kim t-shirts or dri-fits are allowed during sparring, cardio and strength classes.
  6. No socks are allowed on the Dojang Floor.
  7. Taekwondo shoes can be purchased through the school, if you prefer to wear shoes.
  8. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene.  Please trim sharp finger and toe nails.
  9. Please limit your use of perfumes as Instructors have allergies.
  10. No jewelry may be worn in class.
  11. Please make sure your feet are CLEAN before stepping on to the mats.
  12. Please wash Sparring gear on a regular basis.  Cloth pieces can be washed. Chest protector, helmet and gloves can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes.  Shin guards can be washed occasionally.  Everything should be air dried.
  13. Sparring gear must be in good working condition in order to spar.  If not, you must have these items replaced before you can attend Sparring classes.

In Class:

  1. Please turn around if you need to fix your uniform or tie your belt.
  2. If you are late to class, you must wait for the instructor to invite you to join the class, for both respect and safety reasons.
  3. Students should always behave respectfully while in the dojang and waiting areas.  This should be demonstrated in the way you move and speak at all times.

Waiting Area:

  1. Please sit  or chat quietly.  Small children who are waiting need to be able to read or play quietly, so the students taking class can focus.
  2. Children are not allowed to play with the attendance kiosk. Students can have stripes taken away for this.
  3. No food or gum is allowed in the waiting area or dressing rooms.
  4. No sugary drinks are allowed in the waiting area or dressing rooms.
  5. Please put shoes in shelves, and hang coats in dressing rooms.
  6. Bags should be stored under benches or in lockers.
  7. Children cannot remain unattended in the waiting area. They should be dropped off and picked up no more than 10 mins before or 10 mins after class has begun or ended.
  8. Children may wait for parents who are taking class, if they can sit and entertain themselves quietly.