Parent/Friend/Sibling – Free Class Week

Parent/Friend/Sibling – Free Class Week

We’re inviting parents and any member’s friends/siblings to come and try out classes for free this week. For Parents and their friends we’ll be holding a special 8:00 – 8:45 class for Adults only.  If parents and their friends are interested in these classes, we will be adding these classes to our schedule.  You can also opt to try out an existing class.

All students can bring a Friend(s)/Sibling to classes to try it out.  We’ll be modifying classes a bit on these days to allow friends to participate fully in classes.  During this week only these classes will not count towards your 3 class/week maximum for non-BBP members.  Please email me to let me know who would like to participate, and which class they will be attending so we can plan.

Member Referral Special

In addition, any members whose parents, siblings or friends sign up for a Special 3 month program at $230 will receive a $25 merchandise credit for each family member or friend.  Merchandise credit can be used towards Sparring Gear, T-shirts, Drifit shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, hand protectors, coffee mugs, notebooks with pen, water bottles and hot/cold cups.

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