Fall PARTY! Prizes !!!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated in our Games and Contests at the Fall Party!  It was really so much fun to see everyone having a good time.  Winners of each category can please email Shim to claim their prizes.  All children who participated in the Fall Party should see Shim for a Ribbon.

Cooking Contest:

Main Dish:  Adults – Naan with Paneer Butter

Main Dish:  Kids – Macaroni and Cheese

Side Dish:  Adult & Kids – Veggie Puffs

Dessert:  Adults – Tiramisu

Dessert: Kids – Pumpkin Cookies


Hula Hoop – 1st prize in each age category (Lada and Manav tied in their age cateogry) (including Adults!)

Ball Toss  – 1st prize in each age category (Adults in the Three-way Tie all qualify for a prize!) for each team


Cooking Contest winners can choose between a Free Uniform or a Jae H. kIm Backpack Plus Hot/Cold Cup

Games Winners can choose between a Jae H. Kim Water Bottle or Hot/Cold Cup

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