Triple Kick Update – 20 Days, Weight Loss and No Sugar

Triple Kick Updates


20 Days of Taekwondo with Sparring

We have decided to tie 2 elements together for our 20 days of Taekwondo – Class Attendance and Light Sparring Attendance.  If you attend classes you will earn one point per day.  If you attend Light Sparring classes you will earn an extra point that day.  So the maximum you can earn on a Sparring Class day is 2 points.  As the maximum points you can accrue in this contest is 29 for class attendance and 14 for Sparring class, bringing us to a grand total of 43, we are going to increase the number of points required to win a prize.  If you make it to 29 points you will win either a free uniform or one of our new sling backpacks. (White belts and Yellow Stripes will remain at the 20 point level as they are not required to spar yet.)


Please note that we have new sparring guidelines in place for safety, with an emphasis on Light contact.  Students should all feel completely free to let their partners know immediately if they are being kicked or punched too hard.  Our goal is to develop students with the self-discipline to kick and punch quickly but safely, so that they can be called upon to spar with less experienced students without the worry that they will hurt someone unintentionally – ‘Sparring Trainers’. We want our sparring classes to be fun and beneficial to everyone who attends.  They are also a terrific way to get a good cardio workout.   So we encourage you to attend as many classes as you can during this challenge.


The student with the most points overall will win $200 in merchandise credit or the equivalent of a new sparring gear package.  In the event of a tie the prize will be divided equally.  If you do not need sparring gear, we have new sling backpacks, new water bottles and new travel coffee mugs, sweatshirts, tshirts, drifits, mouthguards, rucksacks, uniforms, shoes, punch gloves to choose from.   We’re looking forward to an exciting contest!


Weight Loss Challenge

The Weight Loss Challenge is being tied to the No Sugar Contest. Please see rules below.  If you consume No Sugar for 10 days, you may add 1 percentage point to your overall weight loss.  If you can do this for 20 days you can add 2 percentage points, and if you do it for all 32 days, (we won’t count today, as this email is going out today) you can add 3 percentage points.  If you have not been weighed in yet, there is still time.  Please email me if you are interested in taking on this challenge so I can find a time for you to weigh in.  We are opening this contest up to all parents and students at the school, 12 and up (under 18 with parental consent).  With the added No Sugar percentage points, we are increasing the weight loss goal to 7%.  Winners will receive a free uniform or a new sling back pack. The prize for the Most weight percentage lost will be $100 in merchandise credit.  If there is a tie the prize will be divided accordingly.


No Sugar Contest

This is a daily point contest.  If you have no sugar of any kind – artificial (splenda, sweet-n-low, stevia, equal), corn syrup, cane syrup, white or brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, honey, agave etc., then you can earn one point per day.  You will have to look at the ingredients of the foods that you eat at home to make sure there is no added sugar.  We are allowing rice, pasta and breads.  But, fresh fruit is the only sweet food that you can consume.  You can also bake with bananas or applesauce.  We are not allowing fruit juices in this challenge, as the whole fruit is much better for you. So, basically if it is sweet, it should be fruit.  We will allow dried fruit to be consumed on the night of the Lunar New Year Challenge in baked goods.  We are opening up this challenge to all parents and students at the school 12 and up.  There will be prizes for students who reach the following levels:  20 days – new water bottles or travel coffee mugs, 30 days – new sling back packs , so please try your hardest to not have sugar for 33 days.  We will have separate categories for Children under 12, and the 12+ group.  Only one prize per person.  If you reach 33 days, you can receive both the back pack and the water bottle.

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