Annual Lunar New Year Board Breaking Event

ANNUAL Lunar New Year Board Breaking Event

Sunday January 27th  4:00 – 7:00

Please click on the Doodle Poll link below to let us know if you can make it.  You can also enter the potluck dish that you are bringing in the Comments section, so that everyone can see and make their own decisions.

Please join us for our Annual Board Breaking Event. There will be Board Breaking for all participants. All you have to do is write down on a board a Good Habit that you want to Make for the New Year, and then you can break the board showing your determination!

There will be a Demonstration by our Youth/Teen Leaders, Youth and Teen Leader Initiation Ceremony, Games and a delicious Pot Luck Dinner provided by our members. This is always a fun Family event, but we know how busy parents can be. If your child is 8 yrs or older, you may drop them off with a potluck dish.

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