Special Stripe Week: Monday, October 30 – Tuesday, November 7

Special Stripe Week: Monday, October 30 – Tuesday, November 7

Ms. Shim and Ilya Bruklich will be attending the Shanghai International Hanmadang (Gathering/Celebration) with Mr. Kim during this week.  This is an event where thousands of students and their families attend to watch Taekwondo Demonstrations performed by Mr. Kim’s various schools in China, Korea and Singapore, in addition to Boston’s Headquarters.  Ms. Shim and Ilya are part of the 12 member Boston Demo Team, and will be performing Choong Jang and a Self Defense Maneuver. They will also be attending Instructor Training Seminars and Judging the Traditional Forms Competition being held there.

Assistant Instructor Sam Yoo, with the help of several Teen Leaders and Senior Youth Leaders, will be running these classes: 4:00 and 4:45 Children’s classes, 5:30 classes, and Monday/Wednesday 7:30 classes.  Our other Adult Instructors, Marc Snapper, Alex Filippov and Rob Robertson will run the 6:30 classes as well as the Saturday classes.  Rob will run the Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 classes as usual.

Ms. Shim can be reached by text message at this number (781-632-0655), voice message (508-872-2400) or via email ( info@tkd-ashland.com).  Due to the 12 hour time difference it may be difficult for her to return phone calls.  You can also leave any messages at the school, and Sam will make sure that Ms. Shim receives them.  If you need to reach the school during this time you should call Sam’s cell phone (617-872-8326).

During this week, we will be giving out Special Stripes to children for the following behaviors:

  • Independent work – focusing on your task and not fooling around
  • Respect towards Assistant Instructor Sam Yoo and Teen Leaders
  • Self Control – being able to control yourself during class

Sam will be giving out these stripes based upon their own observations, as well as on the recommendations of any Teen or Senior Youth Leaders who are assisting them.

There will also be a sheet where we will unfortunately also have Sam write down the names of students who misbehave to such a degree that Ms. Shim must be informed about it.  These students will lose a Stripe upon her return.  This is a drastic measure, but is always a possibility.



One response to “Special Stripe Week: Monday, October 30 – Tuesday, November 7

  1. Hi Ms Shim,

    Algis told me last time that the stripes I sewed on his uniform were not centered, and had to be removed. They are off since then, but Unfortunately I cannot find anymore the email you sent with the picture of the stripes in their specific color order. Do you mind sending it again so that I can have his uniform ready for next time?

    Thank you, Marthy

    PS:Algis will neither be attending today because of his school field trip, nor tomorrow because of a dentist appointment.

    Sent from my iPad


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