Black Belt Program

This program is for students committed to earning their Black Belt.  In addition to unlimited classes and no testing fees through Red Belt, Black Belt Program Members can attend special Thursday 4:45 classes for Children and 6:30 Classes for Adults and 12+ taught by our Instructors.  These classes are a more detailed analyses of various techniques.  In addition, 6 times per year Mr. Kim teaches these seminars at the Ashland location.

Topics Include but not limited to:

  • Forms Review
  • Side Kicks
  • Hook Kick/Wheel Kick
  • Hand Techniques
  • Power, Speed and Precision in Forms
  • The Flow of a Form
  • Basic Stances
  • Roundhouse Kick, 360 Degree Roundhouse Kick
  • Grappling Techniques
  • Hopping Kicks
  • Hand Positions
  • Mat Jumping
  • Crescent Kicks
  • Jumping Kicks
  • Dojang Etiquette
  • Counterattacks
  • One Steps
  • Punching with Power