Black Belt Program

This program is for students committed to earning their Black Belt.  Black Belt Members can attend special Thursday 4:45 Children and 6:30 Adults and 12+  Classes which are a more detailed analyses of various techniques.  Mr. Kim teaches these seminars once a month at the Ashland location.

Topics Include:

  • Forms Review
  • Side Kicks
  • Hook Kick/Wheel Kick
  • Hand Techniques
  • Power, Speed and Precision in Forms
  • The Flow of a Form
  • Basic Stances
  • Roundhouse Kick, 360 Degree Roundhouse Kick
  • Grappling Techniques
  • Hopping Kicks
  • Hand Positions
  • Mat Jumping
  • Crescent Kicks
  • Jumping Kicks
  • Dojang Etiquette
  • Counterattacks
  • One Steps
  • Punching with Power