Shrish Sentilkumar

Shrish Sentilkumar

After about 3 and half years I am proud to say that I have passed all the color belts and have reached my goal of becoming a black belt. Getting the black belt brought a feeling of accomplishment, pride, and self-worth upon completing a goal.

I have worked very hard for my black belt and I will now help other people to get their black belts. I have learned a lot from doing Taekwondo. I have learned patience and focus through it and I have also learned to defend myself when the time comes.

I have also made many friends in Taekwondo and hope to continue to do so.

My next goal is to become a student leader so I can help and guide the other students on their forms. If I can help I will improve too by learning from their mistakes. It will help me learn how to mentor and guide others.

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