Ethan Hippolyte

Ethan Hippolyte

I feel overjoyed to have finally earned my first black belt. To me it means a lot since it took four years for me to get it, and a lot happened during those four years. When I first started out as a white belt I admired the higher ranks and the various techniques that they could perform. To put things simply I wanted to be just like them. Way back then as a white belt, and even now, Taekwondo never ceases to amaze me. Learning the techniques requires much practice but even so with perseverance I still managed to move my way up through the ranks. After all hard work pays off. Taekwondo taught me this and I am still learning much about it. Sometimes though I had to learn the hard way. This sometimes meant taking a beating during sparring against a much more experienced opponent or having many falls attempting jumping or spinning kicks. However this was good for me because sometimes a little frustration makes people work harder. It certainly helped me learn many important things like how to improve my balance, speed, or ability to dodge. These improvements were crucial for me to be able to get my black belt. My 1st Dan shows that the four years of practicing I did paid off. My new goal is to do pretty much the same thing in order to get my 2nd Dan. However I know that the skills I will have to learn and the obstacles that I will have to face will be more challenging. Knowing this, as the difficulty ramps up I will increase my effort to learn. So hopefully I will be able to triumph once again one goal and one belt at a time.

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