Chaitya Bommu

Chaitya Bommu

I am happy with myself for everything I have done for the past three years to achieve this black belt. I feel like I put in a lot of effort to get this far. Although, I honestly didn’t feel like going when I started, because (1) I was anxious of new places and new people, and (2) it seemed hard. But of course, as time went on, doing Taekwondo calmed me down when I was stressed, and I met lot of people.

I present “thank you” to those people, who were with me, and also my parents who pushed me to keep going. I also thank the instructors for helping us achieve this goal, and help us improve our mind and body for the better. It feels nice to say that this is something I have earned and worked for through the years. I practiced and I improved, I guess that’s how it works. Now that I look back, I should feel proud for what I have done, and all the new black belts should too. We all helped each other to come this far, so we should all be happy and proud.

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