Here is how our New 2nd Dans feel…

“I feel very proud and confident about myself now that I have achieved my 2nd Dan rank. When I first started Taekwondo back in 2016, I never thought that I would become a 2nd Dan 5 years in the future, but here I am; a fully qualified 2nd Dan which I only achieved through my hard work. It truly satisfies me when I look back through all the years I’ve done Taekwondo, and it has indeed been a great, long journey. Now that I am a 2nd Dan, I am looking forward to continuing helping other people while I also learn with them, as well as grow as a martial artist. By this I mean continuing to practice discipline and self defense. This is a huge checkpoint of my Taekwondo journey, but I hope to progress more through the following years and advance to higher ranks.” 
Earning the 2nd Dan is a great achievement for me.  It has been a goal of mine for a long time.  When I first started Tae Kwon Do, I wasn’t sure if I could achieve my Black Belt.  I am proud of myself for trying my best and accomplishing my goals. Setting goals and accomplishing them drives me to become a better student overall.  I have learned the value of hard work and appreciate all the help I have received to assist me in my goals. This has driven me all the way from white belt to 2nd Dan Black Belt. Tae Kwon Do is something I really enjoy and I look forward to continuing my learning. 

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