Thursday, June 4th Promotion Test

Thursday, June 4th Promotion Test – to be reviewed and approved by Mr. Kim  

This Promotion test will be recorded via Zoom, Mr. Kim will then review and approve students.
For anyone who may need a few more weeks, Mr. Kim has given me the option of testing those students by June 25th.   Our next Promotion test will be at the end of August.  This will give you enough time to get ready for that test if you work hard.
Here are the ranks and times for Thursday’s Promotion test.  Please leave a comment below with the Name of student, current rank and time slot that you can attend.  You can register a student who doesn’t have a Black Stripe yet,  if they still do not have it by Thursday, June 4th, we will add them to the list of students who will be taking a Make Up test.
4:30 Yellow Belts
4:40 Green Stripes
4:50 Green Belts
5:00 Blue Stripes
5:10 Blue Belts
5:20 Red Stripes
5:30 Yellow Belts
5:40 Green Stripes
5:50 Green Belts
6:00 Blue Stripes
6:10 Blue Belts
6:20 Red Stripes


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