No Sugar Challenge WINNERS!

No Sugar Challenge Results – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

ZERO SUGAR DAYS = 30 days of No Sugar

Abhijit Prajapati

Saif Shaik

Avin Hemaratne    

Aaruni Singh

Anika Nambiar    

Alexei Pashin

Dhruv Nemalikanti


1 Sugar Day = 29 days of No Sugar

Hitanya Bommu

Drishya    Khanchandani


2 Sugar Days = 28 days of No Sugar

Reshum Aurora  


3 Sugar Days = 27 Days of No Sugar

Samanvitha Vangala


4 Sugar Days = 26 Days of No Sugar

Saanvika Gandhari

Maylea Harris  


6 Sugar Days = 24 Days of No Sugar

Ekaansh Sharma

Aarav Shah


8 Sugar Days = 22 Days of No Sugar

Keshar Pawar

Moksh Anduri  


11 Sugar Days = 19 Days of No Sugar

Aarish Jonchhe 

Mihir Jain 

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