Next Promotion Test with Grandmaster Kim

Next Promotion Test with Grandmaster Kim – Yellow Belts through Red Stripes

Thursday, March 14th

4:45 and 6:30

All Yellow Belt to Blue Stripe Children need 7 stripes to test.  Blue Belt and Red Stripe Children need 13 stripes to test.  Sparring is required, please make sure that you attend enough sparring classes to qualify for testing.  Yellow Belts should make sure to purchase gear from me as soon as possible.

If you are in a 10 class/month program and need extra classes in the month before the test, you can upgrade for one month by paying $135 instead of $98 for one month only to obtain 5 extra classes.

Light Sparring Class Requirements:

Yellow Belt – 2 classes

Green Stripe – 3 classes

Green Belt – 4 classes

Blue Stripe – 6 classes

Blue Belt – 8 classes

Red Stripe – 10 classes


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