No Sugar Challenge – March 1st to 31st

NO SUGAR CHALLENGE:  March 1st – March 31st

Would you like to try to become healthier in 31 days?  Sign up for our No Sugar Challenge.  Please note – the goal is to TRY not to have sugar for 31 days.  Simply check off the days that you have No Sugar.  If you have Sugar – that’s okay.  Just try not to have Sugar the next day.
Children under 14 yrs will be required to get parent signatures for the days to count.
Teens/Adults 14&up can fill their own sheets.
Prizes for those who persevere and hand in their 31 Day Tally Sheet.
You can participate emailing me,  following the Rules from below, and filling out the No Sugar Tally Sheet for 31 Days.
Click on the links below and print out the following documents to participate.  If you can’t access the links please email me.
No Sugar Challenge Rules:
Children under 14 years old  & Adults/Teens 14 years and up
No Sugar Tally Sheet:

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