Drop-off Movie, Matwork and Games Night!

Friday, December 18th  5:30 – 10:00

This is a drop-off event for children ages 5 and up,  $15/child or $12/siblings or friends, 2  slices of Pizza included.  We have a minimum of 20 students so the event is on.  We ask that you pay by cash or check by Friday’s event.

We’ll be playing Games like Dodgeball, and Jumping Over Mats, enjoying Cheese Pizza followed by a child-friendly movie.  This event is always a big hit for the kids! The movie will end by 9:30 if your child needs to leave by then.

If you are interested in your child/children/child’s friends attending, please click on this link and sign up your child/children/children’s friends.

Thanks very much!


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