U.S. Hanmadang Team Members did a great job at the Saturday Demonstration in Quincy.  We will have videos to share at the November 21st Fall Event, and will upload an album to our Facebook account as soon as pictures are available.

Mr. Kim complimented us on our use of Forms in our Demonstrations.  In general, we have received compliments regarding everyone’s performance.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication this past month attending practices and really trying to make improvements to your techniques.  The most important thing going forward however, will be to continue to work hard at improving yourself in all areas of Taekwondo – Forms, Techniques and Sparring.

There are many people to thank who helped make this such a great event.  I’d like to thank Ilya, Alex F. and Rob for their help organizing their teams, Frank for doing anything he could think of to help things go more smoothly, and Chitra and Fenny for coming to support everyone. We also have a great group of Teen Leaders!  Thanks to all of you for stepping in to make sure your team members did what they needed to do. Parents were also great about bringing their children to practices in Ashland, Quincy and for the final event.  We appreciate everything that you do to support your child’s development as a member of the Jae H. Kim Taekwondo Institute.  There are many more people to thank for things I’m not aware of, but I am sure happened :).

Congratulations and Thanks again to everyone for doing such a great job.  We are looking forward to our next event!

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