Thursday, Sept. 24th BBP with Grandmaster Kim

Thursday, September 24th Black Belt Program with Grandmaster Kim – REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Forms Review

4:45 – Children

6:30 – Adults/Teens 12&up

All Black Belt Program students should attend to review Forms with Grandmaster Kim.  Anyone considering the October 4th Colored Belt Test, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dan test in December should also make a special effort to attend.  Finally, if you are participating in the Hanmadang Demonstration on October 24th, it would be a good idea to get feedback on your forms techniques so you can improve them by the Demonstration.  Please register by leaving a comment.

13 responses to “Thursday, Sept. 24th BBP with Grandmaster Kim

  1. Hi Shim,

    Should Ryan still come on Thursday if he is not part of the Black belt program?


    Ari Kaufman

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