Congratulations to our New 1st Dan Black Belts!


Congratulations to all of our new 1st Dan Black Belts.  We’ll be posting pictures and paragraphs in the next week on the school corkboard and on the website.

Please feel free to congratulate them when you see them or by commenting on this post.

Gaurav C.

Samarth S.

Rohan S.

Ashwin K.

Nathan M.

Gregory R.

Trisha Y.

Alexa D.

Shrunothra A.

Tara Y.

Aadish J.

Rajiv Y.

One response to “Congratulations to our New 1st Dan Black Belts!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! everyone worked so hard (especially over the summer) and it makes me smile to see that pay off. 🙂 can’t wait to see pictures! I miss everyone already :c

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