Promotion Test – Sunday, October 6th

The following students are preparing to test on Sunday.  If you have an asterisk by your name please try to attend class on Saturday and arrive by 11:00 on Sunday to practice as well.  If you have an asterisk by your name you must see me about testing on Saturday.

The school will be open at 11:00.  Students  must arrive by 11:30.  All students should have clean uniforms, freshly washed for the test.  White t-shirts only underneath.  No summer uniforms please.  Please bring sparring gear all clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Practice, practice, practice!  See you on Saturday and/or Sunday.  Please email if you have any questions.

Thanks.   Shim

Students testing on Sunday, October 6th:

Jake V.

Anoushka S.*

Ayush A.

Yair R.*

Lior R.

Garv B.

Ashwin K.*

Paavani C.*

Julie G.

Dhruv C.

Susan B.

Swetha M.

Maanya L.*

Maanav L.*

Hakan B.

Pon C.*

Akshay D.

Maanasa D.

Gaurav B.

Timur B.

Nikhil R.*

Aniketh M.*

Nick B.*

Sasha N.*

Nakul R.

Raahul R.

Manav G.

Shrunothra S.

Narayan P.*

Algis P.*

Emeline C.

Julia K.

Rhea E.

Frank C.




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