Belated CONGRATULATIONS to Madeline Robertson for receiving her 2nd DAN!



From Madeline:

I am very excited to finally have my 2nd degree Black Belt.  I as a 1st degree for many years and my hard work has paid off.  I look forward to learning my new forms and becoming a bigger member in the Ashland Taekwondo family, by becoming a Teen Leader.


From Rob – Madeline’s dad and Assistant Instructor:

I’m very proud of the great effort Madeline put in to attain her 2nd Dan rank. Once she committed herself fully to the task she was very open and accepting of the instruction from Mr. Kang and Ms. Shim as well as accepting the input from fellow black belts in our school who took the time to provide feedback to her. In spite of the demands on her time from family, friends and school work she pushed herself to train in class as well as at home, and it was personally satisfying to me to be able to work with her in achieving this rank. Well done, Madeline!

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