Adult/Teen Sparring – week of 3/18/13

Please post when you will be attending:

Wednesday – 12:00

Wednesday – 7:30

Friday – 6:30

Saturday 12:00

Blue Belts and above should be attending sparring on a regular basis to improve stamina and practice light sparring techniques.

6 responses to “Adult/Teen Sparring – week of 3/18/13

  1. Hi Ms. Shim,

    Since I’ve lost one of my shin guards on promotion test day, I probably need to get another pair of shin guards and I wish to buy them using my $200 award credit. Could you please let me know how much are they? I may need to cancel the bottle in order not to exceed the credit.
    Thank you,


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    • oops, this was an email sent to Ms Shim, somehow it became a post in here.. sorry
      Anyway, I should be in for the sparring classes this week.

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