Congratulations to everyone!  I hope that you all gained something valuable from each of these experiences.

I have posted the link to a story written by Alice, Luke and Joey’s mom, about their No Sugar Contest experience.

If anyone else would like to contribute any comments regarding their experience, please let me know.  We will be awarding prizes this week.

20 Days of Taekwondo:  We saw a significant increase in the number of people attending sparring class during this past month, which was great.  We hope to see all of you continue to attend these classes to help you with your stamina, confidence and sparring abilitites.

  • GRAND PRIZE Winner! – Fenny Chang:  $200 in merchandise credit
  • Frank Chang – free uniform or new Jae H. Kim sling backpack
  • Marcus Ferreira – free uniform or new Jae H. Kim sling backpack

Weight Loss Challenge:  We will try to do this again in the coming months linked to a nutrition challenge.

  • Alex Filippov – 7% bodyweight lost (no Sugar contest combination for extra points):  $100 merchandise credit

Sugar Challenge:   We hope that many of you have learned that sugar is not all that it is cut out to be, and that you don’t have to have it that often.  Great job to the children and adults who persevered!

  • GRAND PRIZE Winner! – Jack Xue:  Jae H. Kim water bottle and sling backpack
  • 30 Day Winners – Jae H. Kim sling backpack










  • 20 Day Winners: Jae H. Kim water bottle or hot/cold cup








  • Stretching Contest:  Adults, please work on your flexibility – it is the one thing that you will be very happy you did in the years to come.  Children should work on it as well, so that they won’t have to work on it as much when they are adults :).
  • Jae H. Kim water bottle or hot/cold cup

Children – most flexible:

  • Haley 34″ pancake stretch, 1″ pike stretch

Improvement – not available

Adults – most flexible:

  • Ilya:  30.5″ pancake stretch, 11″ pike stretch (worked on flexibility from age 10) increased to 31″ and 12″


  • Ben: 2″ to  6″ pancake stretch,  -3 to -2  inch pike stretch
  • Rhea: 2″ to 3″ inch pancake stretch, -3 to -1 inch pike stretch

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