Important Information

Important Information

Birthday party!

Mr. Kang’s birthday is coming up this week.  The actual birthday is on Friday, but because it is a low attendance day, we are planning on having a sugar free (date and banana sweetened) fudge cake on Thursday, Feb. 7th from 4:30-5:00.  The cake will be available to teens and adults who attend classes for the rest of the day as well.


Stretching Update

We will be handing out Stretching Awards next week.  If you have been working on your flexibility and want to be measured for improvement, please see me this week or next week. You qualify for working on your flexibility if you have been trying to stretch on a fairly regular basis since the challenge started. Otherwise, we are awarding for Total Stretching ability.


I would like to remind everyone who is participating in the Sugar Challenge, that you need to check the labels of all of the food that you eat that comes in bags, boxes, cans, cartons or bottles.  If any of the ingredients are a sugar (sugar, corn syrup, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, etc.), or anything sweet like maple syrup or honey, etc., or artificial like splenda or stevia for example, you cannot claim a point for that day.  The only sweet things you can eat are fruit.  If you are eating processed foods, items that come in containers of any kind, you will need to check the ingredients.  Many salty foods, like chips and crackers have hidden sugars in them.  If you have eaten items with sugar in them please make sure to erase your points for however many days is appropriate.   Please remember that this Challenge is also a measure of your Integrity, in this case this means being completely honest about what you are eating, and not taking a point if you have for example, crackers that have cane juice in them.


We have received our new items that will be used as prizes and will be available for sale as of this week:

Jae H. Kim Water bottles in black with white logo ($14) and stainless with black logo ($16)

Hot/Cold cups in stainless with black logo ($16)

Black sling backpack with white Jae H. Kim logo ($22)

Fingerless punching gloves ($20)

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