Important Announcements

Today’s Black Belt Program with Grandmaster  Kim:  FORMS REVIEW

Based on Registration numbers we are opening up this program to ALL STUDENTS.  Please post on the website if you are attending.

Children – 4:45,  Adults – 6:30

Saturday Practice Tests

We will be holding Practice Tests again on Saturday.  Final chance for everyone to be reviewed and approved.

9:30 – Children, 11:00 Blue Belts-Red Belts, 1:00 All Ages, All Levels

10:15 and 12:00 Sparring classes will focus on Test Sparring Practice

Sunday Promotion Test – 12:00

The school will be open for practice at 11:00.  Children and Adults must arrive by 11:45 at the very latest in order to have time to get dressed, warm up and line up.  There is a sparring component for all students so please bring your sparring gear. Please make sure all gear and bags are labelled.  Items are often lost or misplaced during testing.

If you are not on the Black Belt Program, and do not have a credit card on file, testing fees are due by Sunday, Dec. 9th.

Pictures may be taken before or after the test.  Mr. Kim does not allow any picture taking during the test.  Cell phones are not allowed during the test either.  Please remember to have your uniform neat and clean, and to remove your socks.

Lost and Found

We will be cleaning out both dressing rooms by this Monday.  Please make sure to check it to see if you or your child have left anything behind.


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