Important Announcements

BBP – Thursday:  Black Belt Programs for today will be slightly modified based on attendance – All students will work on Turning Side Kick and Wheel Kick based on performances we saw in practice tests.

Next Thursday BBP:  Grandmaster Kim will review Forms for the Promotion Test.

Practice Tests:  Saturday, 12/1 – 9:30, 10:15, 11:00, 1:00

White Belts and Yellow Stripes – Informal test:  Friday, 11/30 @  4:30 and 5:30

Sparring Attendance: All Children can attend on Wednesday at 4:45 or Saturdays at 10:15 – Practice test will be on sparring.

Adults and Teens, if you are considering testing on Sunday December 9th, and have not been attending Sparring classes, you have the opportunity to attend classes on the following days: Please post on the website when you will be attending this week and next week.

Friday, 11/30 @ 6:30

Saturday, 12/1 @ 12:00

Wednesday, 12/5 @ 7:30

Friday, 12/7 @ 6:30

Saturday, 12/8 @ 12:00


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