Teen and Youth Black Belt Leadership Program

We began our Teen and Youth Black Belt Leadership Program 2 weeks ago and are in full swing now.

Teens – Alex K., Ed E., Jennie P. and William P. are our Teen Junior Instructors

Youths – Sriram T. and Aditya B. are our Youth Leaders
We began this program in order to allow Students to develop leadership and responsibility.  In order to be eligible for the program you need to be a Black Belt for at least 6 months and must display specific behaviors which will be outlined in a later post.  You can recognize our Teen and Youth Leaders by patches on their uniforms – Junior Instructor patches for the Teens and Youth Leader Patches for the Youths.

Teens and Youths are currently helping out with Forms at the Saturday 11:00 class.  In addition teens, Jennie and William are assisting during the Wednesday 4:45 Children’s Light Sparring Class.  Teens will be instructed on how to run Private lessons.  Jennie and William have already assisted in this capacity.  Finally, the goal will be for Teens to assist with running the Saturday 9:30 Children’s Class and with Promotion Tests.

Youth Leaders are not only helping out with the Saturday 11:00 class, but are also called up to demonstrate forms before Promotion Tests.

Eligible members in this program will also be deemed members of our Formal Demonstration Team.  We will let you know the requirements for this as well.   Members will be given a Demo Team Patch.

We will be developing both the Teen and Youth Programs further and will update you with that information.

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